In Term 3, all the grade 3 & 4 children will be learning how to play chess!  If you want to get a head start visit this site to learn about the game:

Chess Kid

Here is another this site where you can download and print a page to make your own chess game:

Chess Activity


7 thoughts on “Chess”

  1. I really like chess because its really really fun and interesting.
    I like the queen because it can move five spaces.
    Daniel toke us for the chess lessen and also helded us playing chess. from Oskar

  2. I think learning about chess was fun and interesting. I really enjoyed learning about the history behind each peace.I think chess is an awesome game that anyone could play! You will learn some really, really interesting facts about chess

    From Abi . w.

  3. I love chess it is a really fun game and it is a old game. I injoyed working with Daniel and competing other people in my class. At lunch time people got to play chess with Daniel and I was one of them and I had fun.I LOVED IT! : ) from Morgan

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