Twilight Christmas Concert

 GK Twilight Christmas Concert
will be held on Monday evening, December 15th.
Please mark this special GK event on your Calendar!
Children need to be at school by 5.45 pm. The Concert will be begin at 6 pm.  (It will be well over by 8 pm)
As a final fund-raiser for the year, our fabulous PFA will be running a Christmas raffle and also will hold a ‘Sausage Sizzle’ on the night.  On sale will be soft drinks and plenty of hot, delicious sausages ready to eat from 5.00pm. Or you could bring a picnic dinner.  (No Alcohol, please!)
Students should have a sun-safe hat and a water bottle with them!
The Grade 3 item is Run, Run Rudolf and the children are asked to wear Christmas colours and reindeer headband (red nose optional).
 It promises to be a wonderful evening for all. 



Students have almost finished studying fractions. Students have been learning about the size of different fractions. Did you know that if the denominator is a big number, the pieces actually get smaller in size (not bigger)?

This fraction wall (made by a student) clearly demonstrates this.

It’s also easy to see on this excellent example of a fraction wall which fractions are equivalent to each other. For example, can you find what fractions equal the same as 1/2? Look down the wall and figure out how many quarters make 1/2. How many sixths? How many eighths make 1/2? How many twelfths?

Can any number of thirds make exactly 1/2? Why or why not?

You could also try to figure out which fractions are the same size (or equivalent/equal to) 1/3, 1/4, 2/3 and 3/4 for extra challenge.

Remember to visit the Next website to view all sorts of videos on fractions: Just type in or click on and click on the ‘Fractions’ link. It’s full of support and revision of what we’ve learnt so far, as well as some extension.

What have you enjoyed the most during fractions?

Swimming Program reminders

The grade 3/4 Swimming Program will commence next week from Monday the 24th of November to Friday the 5th December.
Grade 3s: 9:00 am -10:30 am each morning for 2 weeks.
Grade 4s: 9:45 am -11:15 am each morning for 2 weeks.

Reminders – What to bring:
It is preferable that students wear their bathers to school in the morning under their school uniform if possible. They will also need a towel, change of underwear and a plastic bag for wet items. Goggles are optional.
All personal items are to be clearly named.

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