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Please keep your homework book neat and tidy. Set out your work carefully and neatly. Use a ruler to draw lines and use a sharp pencil. Work that is difficult to read may be marked incorrect.


Each week the children will need to practise their spelling words. The words are written into the homework book on a Monday.

The Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check method is used to study the words. When looking at a word you might consider what are the tricky letters, see if there is a word inside the word or is it like another word you know. It is important at the checking stage to look back at the spelling word in the first column and to fix any error.

The homework book must be brought back to school on Fridays and spelling words will be tested.


Children should try to read each night. (A minimum of 4 nights is expected and this may include weekends.) At least one of these sessions should be oral reading to encourage fluency and expression.
Children can be supported to think about their reading with questions such as: What was the setting?  How do you think the character was feeling?  How would you change the ending?  Does it remind you of anything?

Please record what has been read each week in the diary.  The diary needs to be handed in each Monday morning for signing by the teacher.


There will be number facts to complete. Doing a column each night should make this manageable. There will be a test each Friday.

If a problem arises with the homework or if your child is experiencing difficulties with homework, please write a note or speak to your teacher.


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