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What’s coming up this term…

Dear Parents,

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to relax and recharge ready for a productive and enjoyable final term. The next 11 weeks will be as busy as ever with lots to learn and do.

Reading: Last term, for each three week block of the term, there was a whole-school focus on a reading strategy, namely: making connections, questioning and visualising. This term, students will be studying:

·     Summarising – being able to retell the most important points in order

·     Synthesising – combining background knowledge, previous information, inferences, predictions, questions and visualising further enhance their understanding of texts, and

·     Vocabulary – figuring out the meaning of new words or different meanings that one word can denote in a variety of contexts


Writing: Students will be working on information reports on native animals, linked to our camp in Phillip Island. Students will also be writing procedural (how to) texts, also linked to camp and our Inquiry Unit. As part of these text types, there will be an ongoing focus on paragraphing, subheadings, creative openings and researching information from a variety of sources. As always, spelling, grammar and punctuation will continue to be studied in the context of these text types, and students have been very excited about commencing joint writing last term, which will also continue.


Mathematics: The major focus for this term is on fractions. Students will learn how to represent different fractions, for example ¾ and 5/10, using concrete materials and visual diagrams. Students will also be ordering fractions by size and calculating the fraction of a group of objects. Linked to our Inquiry Unit, students will also be studying financial mathematics, including calculating totals and change from transactions. A great way to prepare students for this is to encourage them to count money when shopping and figure out the change they expect to receive from a purchase.


Our Inquiry Unitimage : Our Unit is titled Money, Money, Money and the focus this term will begin with establishing the difference between “needs” and “wants”.  We will then move on to learning about goods and services, money and saving. In week 6, (12th Nov) we have planned a free incursion.  It is Stage 2 of the StartSmart, financial literacy program, and involves students in a workshop about earning, saving and spending money.  Shopping catalogues and magazines are also being sought for some of our classroom activities.


Phillip Island Camp: Our Phillip Island Camp is fast approaching!  Camp is a fabulous experience for children and exciting activities have been planned. These include Pelican Feeding, visiting the Koala Conservation Centre, Wildlife Park, Penguin Parade and Nobbies Visitor Centre. Rotational activities at the camp will include Frisbee Golf, Trampolines, Low Ropes, Mechanical Wall and Archery. A reminder that the Grade 3 Camp Parent Information Meeting is on Thursday 9th October at 7.00 p.m. in the Staffroom.


imageSwimming: As part of our Health and Physical Education Curriculum, the grade 3 students will once again be doing the ‘Swimming and Water Safety program at ‘WaterMarc’ this term. All children are expected to attend. The Swimming and Water Safety program will run as a 10 day program of 45 minute intensive lessons over 2 weeks from the 24th November to the 5th of December.  We need parent helpers to come on the bus and to help supervise children in the change rooms so please let us know if you are available to assist on any of those mornings.


imageClass Blog: Have you visited our class blog? Much of what your child is learning and doing at school is celebrated through photos, information and children’s reflections. Browse the site and please leave a comment about what you enjoyed seeing – we LOVE reading comments. In order to access the classroom blogs, log onto the Glen Katherine Website-


Five Star sustainable classrooms: Each class is trying to become a “five star sustainable classroom”.  Children are required to bring a water bottle each day. Sending “nude food” (lunch and snacks packed in reusable containers) is another way you can help us.


Homework: Students are expected to continue with their daily/nightly reading and discussion after reading to promote good comprehension.  Chat about the most important ideas in the text. Children must remember to record everything they read in their diary and to bring it in on Mondays for checking. Please ensure that you sign your child’s diary each week.

Other Reminders:

·     Hats are back.  If children do not have their hat on any given day they will be asked to play under cover.


·     Portfolios due back at school now. Please check that you have completed the parent letter page.


·     Camp Parent Information Meeting Oct. 9th 7.00pm.


·     Phillip Island Camp for Year 3 Oct. 22nd – Nov. 24th.

·     Cup Day Nov. 4th

·     State Orienteering Nov. 7th

·     StartSmart incursion Nov. 12th

·     St. John’s First Aid Lesson Nov. 19th

·     Swimming program begins Nov. 24th

·     Orientation Morning Dec. 12th

·     Twilight Christmas Concert Dec. 15th

Thank you for your continued support.

The grade three team: Annette Rough, Sandra Febbraro and Anna Kapnoullas

Book Week Parade – Dress Up Reminder

LITERACY is being celebrated in Week 7 – NEXT WEEK!

There will be a range of whole school literacy activities organised for this week so we can celebrate and share LITERACY TOGETHER! We kick off our week with a WHOLE SCHOOL DRESS UP— on Monday the 25th of August.


Our Monday Assembly will be a time to be visually engaged by the character carnival that fabulous books can create! What character are you going to come as?