Blogging Guidelines

Our Grade 3 blog has many purposes. We want to share – communicate – create and have fun! Many of us have been doing this already. Here are a few guidelines to help us along with the rest of our blogging journey, to ensure that we remain safe and learn at the same time.

When blogging you must:

1. Only use your first name when blogging – Remember, anyone can read the world wide web. It is important that we do not give away any other information about ourselves.

2. Be responsible when posting on the Internet – This assures that people we do not know do not post things that we do not want to see. Never post any details about where you might live: e.g.) “Hi I’m Jack and I live in Smith Street, Smithville” – BAD. “Hi I’m Jack and I live in Melbourne/Victoria” – GOOD.

All comments on the blog are approved before posting but if you see something that doesn’t belong, let your teacher know straight away!

3. Be supportive and polite…just like in our classrooms – Start your comments with ‘Dear’ or ‘To’ and end with words like ‘From’. Compliment people for their wonderful work.

4. Writing online is still writing –You still need to use capital letters, full stops and write in full sentences (no txt tlk thnx m8!). Please check and proofread your spelling before posting.

5. Have fun – We have some guidelines, but working online is also fun. Share your thoughts and ideas. We would love to hear what you think. Share congratulations and encouragements.

Edited from Bellarine SC Blogging Guidelines and 34D Berwick Guidelines

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