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Download a copy of the ‘GK Acceptable User Agreement for Ultranet, Internet and Digital Technologies’ here

In Grade 3 we use our class blog to extend and share our learning outside the classroom via the internet. A blog is like an online newsletter where we can publish lots of different things including written work, discussions, photos and videos.

The blog serves two purposes. The first is as a communication tool between the classroom and the home. Mrs Rough, Mrs Febbraro and Mrs Di Lizio regularly post content to the blog including what we have been learning in class, photos of events and activities, games, links and resources.

Secondly, the blog is a learning tool for us (the students). We use the blog throughout the year to createcommunicatecollaborate and connect. We are able to work with other students and contribute to tasks from home. We will be reflecting on our learning to help build more knowledge.

We are very motivated to use this fun and exciting tool and in the process learn and extend skills in literacy, maths, ICT and problem solving. And because it is online, we can our work with families and relatives at home, in other suburbs or even overseas!

Content that is posted on the blog can be commented on which allows us to discuss and answer questions and comment on our own and others work. This also provides you with the opportunity to become involved, by posting comments to the site about things that we have been doing and joining in our discussions. We love the chance to see and respond to feedback on what we have worked on.

By using the blog we are taught about online responsibility, appropriate behaviour and the importance of maintaining anonymity and privacy online. This moderated environment provides a perfect opportunity for us to learn and experience how to work safely online. Our blog is hosted by the Department of Education and is safe and secure for us to use. All posts and comments are moderated before they are posted online so that no inappropriate content is available on the site.

Thanks for visiting our site. Please leave a comment!

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