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The NEXT Program now has its own website, but this could be useful for all students as many of the initial activities in each topic revise grade three content. The site is basically a place for extra practice, extension and support. Students can rewatch and reengage with how teachers have been and are presenting and modelling mathematical concepts in class. Some students need to be exposed to ideas and concepts in different ways to fully understand them and this site offers that potential. The combination of sound, visuals and a new voice or way of representing what the digits mean can sometimes make all the difference. 

There’s also plenty of mini-projects and links to relevant games for active, online learners. The games have been checked for their suitability, relevance and timeliness.
It’s not an entire curriculum and, to fully consolidate concepts, students need time to practice and complete meaningful tasks in class that are linked to each of these developmental steps. It can help fill gaps in students’ development and, thus, give an extra boost to students who are on the edge of either cementing a full understanding or missing the point of key concepts. It could also be used by fairly independent, capable students to push forward into the next material that may above the level of the peers in their physical classroom. 
Please visit the site and let us know what you think:

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