8 thoughts on “Philip Island Camp”

  1. a big thank you to all the helpers that came along it means a lot that you used your special time to come to come to phillip island camp it means so much to all the children and teachers and also a big thank you to all the teacher for supervising all the childern

  2. camp was AWESOME we did lots of fun activities, the disco was so FUN, we got so close to the pengiuns at the pengiun parade. : )

  3. Oh, hi there,
    I was just here to tell you AWESOME, BRILLIANT and MEsMORISING camp was. . . Well, as you might’ve. Seen before, the grade 3’s saw the hilarious pelicans fighting over the fish. Wait,that’s only the start. Next, we visited the Koala Conseration Centre, the koalas were adorable and we learnt stacks of new facts. That night, when the stars were shining,we sneaked to the penguin parade as quite as mice.hey,don’t leave there’s still heaps more except I don’t have enough time to explain it all! But,we did have a disco,explored new rotations and had teddy Olympics, bye for now, see you soon 🙂 🙂 🙂

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