Book Week Costumes

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The children in Grade 3R enjoyed the Book Week dress-up day and so did “Mrs Twit” (their teacher for the day!) Our pre-service teacher also joined the fun with a comic book theme.  There were some of our favourite characters including Harry Potter, Tom Gates, minions, Zac Power, Big Nate Thing 1 and Thing 2, Geronimo Stilton and Benjamin, Elsa from Frozen, Katniss Everdeen, Alice in Wonderland, Liv and Maddie, and  Chi Chi.

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Multiplication Quiz

Our grade three students have done a fantastic job at learning how to multiply. Students should now know, or be in the process of finishing learning, their two, three, five and ten times tables or multiplication facts. It is crucial that students know these and have strategies to be able to recall them quickly, because students are expected to know ALL their times tables by the end of grade four.

Students have also been working on larger multiplications and ‘groups of’ problems, using the vertical method for recording the equation. Have a go at these quiz questions to test your multiplication skills, please use the comments section to answer.

All quiz entrants will be acknowledged at the next cohort assembly! 🙂 

1. My favourite roller coaster has two seats on each carriage. It has eight carriages. How many people can ride the roller coaster at the same time?

2. The egg cartons in my fridge have two eggs in each row, and six rows. How many eggs in two cartons?

3. My library shelf has five books in each compartment. There are six compartments altogether. How many books in my home collection?

4. I love cars, particularly sports models. If my family has seven different cars, and we all buy our tyres in bulk to get a discount, how many new tyres do we need to purchase each year?

5. I had 5 packets of M&Ms. There are 32 M&Ms in each packet. How many M&Ms can I eat altogether?

Extra challenge – these are very challenging!

Use problem-solving strategies such as breaking the question down into parts and drawing the problem to help you if you get stuck:

6. I was planting strawberries in my vegetable garden over the weekend. I planted thirteen rows of strawberries in the morning and sixteen rows in the afternoon. Each row has fifteen strawberry plants in it.

a) How many strawberry plants did I plant altogether?

b) If each plant produces four strawberries, how many strawberries will I have by summer?

c) What if I need to evenly share the strawberries produced between myself, my brother, my sister, as well as both my mum and dad?

7. A farmer has three fields. Each field is split into four paddocks. In the first field, there are sixty ducks in each of the four paddocks. In the second field, there are thirty nine pigs in each paddock. In the final field, there are twenty five horses in each paddock.

a) How much livestock does the farmer own in total?

b) If the farmer wants to evenly share his livestock between his paddocks (not worrying about different animals being in the same area), how many animals will end up in each paddock?

Have fun!


Thank you to all parents and students for the fantastic Book Week Dress-Up Parade that occurred during the Monday morning assembly. Our grade three students looked INCREDIBLE!

It was a very fun opportunity for students to see the characters in books step out and walk around our world for a day. As Ms Tingwell – or Ms Tingleberry – said, it was also a great way to start our next whole-school comprehension focus on visualising what we read and really making books come alive in our minds. It was also great to finally find Wally!

Can you spot Wally?