Chess comes to Glen Katherine

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The students have been involved in learning how to play chess over the last 3 weeks. They have been learning about all the pieces on the chess board and which ones are the most valuable. Daniel from Chess Kids AUSTRALIA has been teaching them about the history of the game as well as all the strategies to put in place in order to win the game.

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Questions : How do you try and win the game?

What strategies have you learnt to assist you in winning the game?


Scroll down to see more photos and to read some writing about Chess by children in Grade 3R.

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Chess is a game that is around 3,000 years old.

The grade 3 and 4s are learning how to play chess Daniel who works for Chesskids came over to GK.

I learnt a lot of tricks to chess we all learnt so much.  I first played Jack C. and he was so good that I was going to give up.  When I played Lachy N. he was so challenging.

I feel really confident when I play chess!



In the first four weeks of Term 3 the grade threes and fours were learning how to play Chess with a man named Daniel.

We learnt how the pieces move like the queen, king, rook, knight and pawns.

This is how many points they are: rooks are 6 queens are 9 and knights and bishops are 3 and a pawn is 1.

If you trap someone’s king it’s called checkmate!

I love chess, so should you!!!


Chess Lessons

On the 17th of July, the grade threes started chess lessons.

Our teacher’s name is Daniel.  He showed us all how the pieces moved and how to play chess.  He is a great teacher.

In our second lesson Daniel told us about a famous chess player named Paul Murphy.  At only the age of 19 he was the best chess player in the world.

The piece’s names are the pawn nickname prawn.  The rook, knight, bishop, king and queen.

I think chess is great.  I didn’t play chess much, now I love chess.  It is a great game.

Jack W.


In Chess there’s 3 golden rules and they are 1 you have to try to get to the 4 squares in the centre of the board. 2 You have to try to get the back ones out into the centre. 3 To keep your King safe.

The King and the Queen are the most powerful ones there but the Queen is more powerful than the King.

I used to hate chess but now I love it.



Chess did you know that every country plays chess.

At school the grade three and fours have been learning chess.  Daniel has been teaching us.  We go to the spare classroom down the hill.

We have been learning all of the pieces and the history.

Pawns they can move up two spaces on their first move, they can move diagonally if targeting, but every other move, they only move forward one.  Knights move in an L shape so two down and one across.

Rook also known as castle/Tower can move left right up and down.  Bishop can move diagonally up or down or to the sides.  Queen is the most powerful piece it can move up down left right.  King you have got to take care of.




Every Thursday the year threes have a lesson on how to play chess.

A person called Daniel was telling us the history about each piece.  The facts Daniel was telling us were really interesting.  I used to think chess was boring but chess is actually really fun!

Daniel even told us the three golden rules.  The first golden rule is that you should always move your pieces to the middle of the board.  How amazing is it that chess has been around for about three thousand years!

Did you know that a person called Paul Murphy was only nineteen when he was the best chess player in the world?

I think chess is really interesting and chess is also really fun.  I enjoyed playing chess with Daniel and my friends!!



All of us in grade three and fours are learning how to play chess.

A guy called Daniel, came to Glen Katherine and taught how to play.

I liked learning, where pieces move, because I wasn’t sure.  It was tricky but I finally got where they move.

When I got the hang of it I found it a little bit easy.  I thought it was very hard but it wasn’t, not at all.  I think I like it.  When I learned about it I thought it was complicated for me.

We learned the queen is the most powerful one, out of all the pieces, I thought the king was the most powerful one.

We love the chess sessions we try to make the most out of them.



Haiku Poems by Grade Three Students

Grade three students have started studying poetry this term. One of the first poem types was Haiku: a poem with five syllables, then seven, then five again. Haikus are meant to make the reader feel that they are at the place the writer is describing, and so often elicit the five senses: feel, see, hear, smell and taste. Haikus are also often written about nature.

Please enjoy some examples of students’ excellent haiku poetry:

A great paradise,

Clouds as fluffy as rainbows,

A great day to surf!

Eth D


Spectacular sands

And cool turquoise waters

With emerald palms

Emily B


That is luxury,

That is beautiful fresh sand,

The sand is golden.

Lia H


Look there, paradise,

A parmtree with coconuts,

And giant white clouds.

 Bec B


Beautiful gold sand,

Waves large as a giant cloud,

The tree is giant.

Steph P


Hear the waves frothing,

Can you hear the still water,

Feel the golden sand.

Lizzy C


A great place for bats,

Cover your hair as bats come,

Give me a torch NOW!

Eth D


Creepy as a worm,

Shocking as slobberers slurping,

Freaky as zombies!

Alex C


Here in a strange cave

Limestone figures everywhere

Let`s hope for no bats

Emily B


Dark  and creepy cave,

Brightening in the torch light,

Watch where your feet step.

Lizzy C


Monsters in that cave?

 No, I do not believe it,

Do NOT creep me out!

Bec B


In the dead life cave,

A bat swarm is over me,

No one to save me.

Declan T