What’s coming up next term?

Last week Grade 3 teachers had their planning day and there is an exciting term of learning coming up! The Integrated Studies topic is the State of Victoria, which is a perfect lead on from our studies of the City of Melbourne.

Next term, the main topics of study in number are multiplication and division. Students will be taught to use arrays to multiply and divide, and there will also be a strong focus on remembering and understanding the times tables, particularly the 2s, 10s, 5s and 3s.

Example of arrays below:

arrays2A arrays3Aarrays1A

As a school, next term GK will be focusing on reading strategies across all grade levels, with each comprehension strategy to be studied in detail for three weeks at a time. The first strategy involves students making connections to what they read:

Text-to-self connections: When reading, a student makes a link between what is happening in the book and something that they have felt or seen in their own life that helps their understanding, e.g. when reading about a visit to the park, the child talks about details of a time when they visited a park and how this helps them understand the book (plot, characters and the setting) better.

Text-to-text connections: When reading, a student makes a link between what is happening in the book and something that they have read in another book that helps their understanding, e.g. when reading ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, the child talks about ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and might conclude that the wolf in ‘Red Riding Hood’ is up to no good.

Text-to-world connections: When reading, a student makes a link between what is happening in the book and something that they know about the world that helps their understanding, e.g. when reading about African animals, the student might predict that the book will discuss lions or cheetahs because they know these animals live in Africa from their general knowledge of the world.

The second strategy is visualising and the third is questioning. Explanations and tips relating to these strategies will follow as the term progresses.

The main focus next term is on the wonderfully creative text type of poetry. There are some amazing links to online poetry examples that Ms Rough has provided for the grade three blog in the website links tab above. Make sure you check them out. During the last three weeks of term, students will also be writing information reports with subheadings and paragraphs linked to the topic of Victoria.

Make sure you take a look at your student’s portfolio, a lot of great effort has been put into those tasks that take a snapshot of the learning from this term.

Thanks for reading and for all your continued support at home. It really does take a village to teach a child and the parents at GK do an absolutely brilliant job of supporting their child’s learning and progress.

Happy and safe holidays!

Grade 3 Team

Italian Day

Rebecca 3D:


Did you hear about how much fun we had on Tuesday? We had Italian day! We all dressed up, plus we had a fake gelato stand and our very own Colosseum, but luckily there was no fighting! I dressed up in in the Italian flag colours. Red, white and green. I had a red bray, a red jumper, white top and green jeans. We all had to bring a gold coin donation.

All the grade threes made a Mouth of Truth. The Mouth of Truth is a round marble with a gap for a mouth. The Romans believed that if you put your hand in the Mouth of Truth and say a lie, your hand will be bitten off. The grade threes did the same thing but nipped each other with a peg.

At the end of the day we had a whole school Italian assembly. Some grade sixes made a model of Mount Vesuvius in Rome. They put coke, mentos, baking powder and vinegar to make it erupt. So how about you learn some Italian right now! The day was phenomenal! Bye.

Awesome Athletics

By Brigitte:

Have you heard about what happened on Thursday? Well it was officially amazing! The students had to pick 6 activities out of 8.

Therefore the first activity I did was discus, I scored two points for my house, I was proud of my achievement especially because it was my first try.

Did you know that the sports were discus, shot put, high jump, long jump, hurdles, 100 metre sprint and 200 metres? My favourite station was hurdles because I won! Accordingly, the worst for me was shot put. In shot put they give you a fairly heavy ball and you need to push it out.

You should try athletics don’t panic if you forgot extra lunch, discover a fantastic canteen with phenomenal food.