Addition with renaming

Addition with renaming

(It used to be called “carrying”.)

Here is a number story:

There were 136 cars parked in the car park. Another 58 cars arrived and were parked too. How many cars were parked altogether?

Here is what we call a  number sentence to match this number story: 136+58 =

This is also called an equation. It is set out horizontally and has an equals sign. The value of the numbers on one side of the equals sign must have the same value as the numbers on the other side.

 Below is another way of setting out the addition problem.

It’s a vertical set out called an algorithm.

 First you label the columns to show the place value of the digits in the numbers that you are adding:

 H. T. O. ( A space is left that can be used for renaming.)

                    ↓ (This arrow means begin with the ones and to add down.)

      1 3 6

  +     5 8



When you add the ones column 6+8 =14,

14 ones are renamed as 1 ten and 4 ones

 The 1 ten is shown in the tens column in the space that was left for renaming. It will be added with the tens. The 4 ones are put below the line in the ones place.


H. T. O


      1 3 6

+       5 8


Now add the tens column.  1+3+5    That’s 9 tens.

Then add the hundreds. The answer is 194.