Marvellous Melbourne Student Reports

On Thursday the 1st of May, the grade threes went on an excursion. On the river cruise, we saw lots of artwork, black swans and a bridge with a train going every 20 seconds. We saw canoes and the people waved to us. In the city, we saw lots of buildings and one of the shiny ones had lots of triangles. Anastasia and Charlotte (3F)

We had a smashing time at the Yarra River. We learnt how to put life-jackets on and we explored GIANT bridges. One was a train bridge! Then we watched some street performers, they were so crazy! Ethan P (3D)

What an AWESOME day at our excursion! We explored the Yarra River, we went on a ferry and found heaps of weird birds. We found some cool water fountains. I found a tiny car and I was taller than it. When we were walking we found people on fake toilets. Who would do that? Eth D (3D)

When we dashed to the Yarra River, we hopped on the fabulous ferry. The driver told us some incredible facts, they were really interesting! The water looked very dirty, YUCK!        Brigitte (3D)

Whoa, what a day in the city. There were street performers, amazing paintings and tons of cool, colourful shops. How long has it been since you’ve been to Melbourne? Well come along, it’s FABULOUS!   Steph Z (3D)