Welcome Back

Welcome back to Term 2 2014!  And a very warm welcome to 3D’s new teacher Mrs Anna Kapnoullas.

We hope everyone enjoyed a safe and healthy holiday.

For our inquiry unit, we will be investigating Marvellous Melbourne and how it has changed over time. Our excursion to the city and cruise along the Yarra will be a highlight. We are looking for parent helpers so please let your teacher know if you would like to assist on the day.

This term in Maths we will continue learning about place value. We will look at the connections between addition and subtraction. Length measurement, shapes, symmetry and chance are also going to be investigated.

In Literacy, we will begin with a focus on persuasive texts then we will move on to writing information reports. We will continue to develop our reading comprehension strategies as we explore different types of texts.

Let’s all work hard and give our best!

Good luck everyone!

3R’s Term 1 Reports

Fun Run

On the 1st of April we had the Glen Katherine Primary School Fun Run. We all had a great day. 1st ,2nd ,3rd and 4th place all got a ribbon. Kane came first place then came sprinting down the track was Kristian with second place and then came Declan in third he was so happy and then Matt and Nathan were sprinting down, it was a close run but Matt just beat Nathan, everyone was proud of Nathan so was Matt. The grade 3 boys had to sit down for a whole hour! The grade 3 had to run two whole kilometres! That’s a long run for some boys and girls. And now we are going to talk about the grade 3 girls. In first place was Charlize and in second place Lara and then in third place was Lauren trying her best and then came Sophie running as fast as she could. They had to do the same track as the grade 3 boys. We all dressed up in our team house colours. The colours are red, yellow, green and blue. Then when all of the year levels finished their races, a man called Alex Rowe came in and told us about his athletic career. Then Mr Blackburn and Mrs Ramsey presented the ribbons and at the end of the day we had an assembly.

By Matthew and Jack W


Hi this is Lachie, Jack and Morgan we have had a really fun term. We have loved the Fun Run. Lachie came 22nd Morgan came 7th Jack came 21st. and congratulations  to  all the people who came 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th  and the people who competed in the Fun Run.

We had a really fun time when we made juggling balls with rice and balloons. We had fun juggling the balls.

It was exciting when we made masks for the Italian  assembly.  At the Italian assembly people made Italian craft stuff. Other people did dances, it was really cool!

Also how good was cinema under the stars!!! There was fairy floss, glow sticks and popcorn. The movie was Despicable Me 2 it was so awesome!!!

School photos were really good we had a big smile. WE BOUGHT A … JEEP!!!    Our term has gone so fast. Has yours?



On the 20th of March we had school photos.

We could have a photo with our class, self-portrait and with

your brother or your sister. We were allowed to go with your  older or younger brother or sister. It was hard to get your photo taken because you had to wait a while because of the long line.

And it was even longer if you went with a brother or sister the line was massive.

All the classes did it.

When you ordered the photo then you would order a pack there were lots of types of packs.

Gemma and Laura


The Fun Run!!!

By Emilio  & Daniel

On April 1st the fun run was on and everyone had a great time! Everyone had their house colours on so as: Correa, Acacia, Grevillia and Eucalypt. Their parents came taking pictures and cheering on.

Everyone was exhausted after the race.

Everyone got a Certificate for finishing the race And after everyone had a smile.


Term 1 Highlights

 Hot air balloons




Loom bands

Fun run

 Carnival Masks




School photos

By Alyssa, Madi and Olivia


  Term One

Hi this is Zach, Oskar and Emilio. We are going to tell you about juggling balls. We made juggling balls it was very fun. We got a balloon and then we put rice in the balloon then cut the knot then we put two other balloons over the first balloon and that’s how we made it.

Photo day was great. We had a class photo then we got a silly photo. After lunch we got an individual photo. It was amazing!

On The Fun Run day the grade 3 boys had their race first. Kane came first. Emilio F. came 13th, Zach.a came 18th and Oskar came 21st and the people who came 1st 2nd  3rd and 4th got a ribbon.

On Italian day we made carnevale  masks. We had great fun they were creative masks as well. After that, we went to the Italian assembly it was funny.


Fun run

On the 1st of April it was the Glen Katherine Primary School fun run.

Congratulations to all the people who came 1st , 2nd ,3rd , 4th and congratulations  to all the other people who tried the fun run.

Boys went first then the girls went second.

The people who came 1st ,2nd 3rd and 4th got ribbons.

By Lily and Lauren


Fun Run

The fun run had different Houses. the House colours were yellow, red, green and blue. Green team won, yellow came second and Red came third and blue came fourth. The students tried their best. We all had fun. There were 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places.  Matthew, Lauren and Sophie in 3R got ribbons.

By Jesse and Mac


Cinema under the stars!!!

On the 29th of March THERE was a movie night at school and we saw despicable me 2.

There was fairy floss, popcorn, soft drink

And glow sticks.

The movie was super funny because of the Minions.  The Minion beach was really funny. The purple minions are really crazy!

By Sophie, Abi and Ella